30A Donut Hut, now Seagrove Donut Hut opened their store in March 2013. They demoed a few other systems but decided to use Revel from the start. We installed the system and programmed it based on their menu which went into use a few days after. They still use Revel POS today as it's never let them down even when internet goes offline. We've been their POS support provider and merchant services provider since the start and they've been amazing clients of ours. Click Here For Our Case Study


We began working with Wasserhund with integrated payments with their NCR Silver iPad POS solution. They soon outgrew the POS and needed to implement a system that could handle their fast paced environment and online ordering. We built their Revel database around their needs and increased their revenue streams tremendously with Revel. By including delivery and integrated online ordering with EMV payments Wasserhund shows growth with reduced labor and management costs. Click Here For Our Case Study

We worked with Bergeron's management to swap out their Clover POS system to the Revel POS which took two days to complete. We converted their existing database to Revel while programming their price-embedded barcodes correctly so their packaged meats could be sold by the pound with a printed barcode. Our work reduced errors, sped up the customer line and cut down on labor cost and reporting management immensely. Click Here For Our Case Study

Converted the University from an outdated Micros POS system to the Cloud System Revel POS. The conversion was painless and the install was a cinch. We worked in tandem with their general manager to build out their POS setup to be simple on the staff for usage and training while maintaining incredibly detailed reports for their management team. We used their current networking infrastructure and worked with their IT team to install the POS in a fully EMV compliant environment. 

We have taken the Bodacious group a long way from where they started. The timeline consisted of getting the inventory organized, the COGS reporting correctly , now ingredient level inventory, then pushed all this to a eCommerce platform.We did this working with the Bodacious team and continuing our support. Our management training helps their group reduce labor costs while increasing sales which thus increases their bottom line. Also, they sell some amazingly tasty homemade Olive Oils! Click Here For A Case Study

We started working with Santinos after they already had Revel installed. This is one of our favorite scenarios because we truly helped their operations by overhauling a complete rebuild of the POS menu. We structured it so their team members had fewer buttons to press to complete an order. In a high volume environment speed is a must! We also used their ingredient costs to input their true cost of goods so they can track margins on an Enterprise level for all locations. We provide ongoing support daily with employee maintenance and custom menu management and training for new staff. 

Ye Olde Brothers build is amazing. We have designed the system where they track their ingredients from the Beer tanks to the Kegs then converted the kegs into a per pint glass sale.  They are able to get real margins and waste on everything they make from the beer to the pizzas. With their recent new location that opened they can brew their beer from scratch, track the ingredients used for those batches, then sell those kegs to their two restaurants while tracking full inventory usage for all three. Truly a masterpiece.


Lemongrass was a referral from one of our partners Pathfinder Bank. They reached out to us to demo Revel and made the change from Digital Dining which is a Window's based Legacy system. We worked directly with their management and staff to ensure the POS was simple to use while providing them with all the reports they needed. Our setup helped increase their sales and reduced the amount of time they have to spend on POS maintenance. Click Here For A Case Study. 


Zio Gio found Priority on social media and reached out for our help with their Revel POS setup. They gave us full access to their backend management console and we provided a detailed overview of what changes we felt would help them grow their presence faster and more efficiently. We work directly with the owners, marketing team and store managers to bring their installation up to where they need it to be. Our group projects is quickly bringing their Revel POS use to it's full potential. Click Here For Our Case Study


The Tossed franchise contracted us to build out their entire POS menu from the ground up. We assisted in menu design, modifier placement & pricing along with the entire flow starting from when a customer is greeted to when they are ready to pay. We assisted with their loyalty campaign by fine tuning loyalty point redemption rates based on product sales and customer trends. Tossed is a franchise that will be using Revel for all future locations that open.  

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