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Customer Facing Display System (CDS)

Revel's Customer Display System is a powerful add-on that offers multiple features. One of which is allowing customers to sign into their profile and redeem their loyalty points for discounts.


Please click the image(s) below to see the full sequence of a customers interaction on the CDS. 

Alternatively, when a customer pays by Credit Card, they are able to add their tip on the Customer Display System. This speeds up closing time because employees do not have to add their tips into the POS manually from receipts. 

Revel has a unique feature called "Threshold for Small Order Credit Prompt tips". This feature alone tends to increase tips for merchants using Customer Displays exponentially. It works by setting a threshold for smaller ticket orders. If your average ticket is $15, and your suggest tips are 10%, 15% & 18%; then the max tip amount to automate is $2.70. We find that most guests choose 10% or 15% though while averaging on 10%. The tip on the $15 ticket would then be $1.50 & $2.25.

So let's set the threshold to $15 and make the tip choices instead $2, $2.50 and $3. This action automatically removes the 10% value. The lowest now is 13.33% with the middle tier being 16.66% and the highest being 20%. This by default increases the tips on the Customer Display while still give the customer the option for "No Tip" or an "Other Tip" where they can enter the value manually. By increasing the tips you increase your employees average hourly rate without increasing labor cost. 

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