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  • Gary Matherne

Granular Reporting

Reporting is a key to any Business that uses key data to make decisions. I remember a customer that would track every time it would rain and on those days she was able to capitalize on a discounting strategy. She would lay out sample treats and was able to sell off her dated inventory.

Whether you're conducting a media campaign or serving pizzas its undeniable that data is a integral part of any marketing campaign. Now some tools are better than others using the data to drive results to what you are trying to accomplish. We strive to offer solutions around you and your business, meaning it may be a simply calendar app to help with your catering or a sophisticated business intelligence tool to forecast your Christmas Inventory. So with all this being said how many businesses do you think recognize the importance of this granular data and fall short or driving decision based on the data. Here are some stats from

16% Consider themselves experts

24% say they are "newbies"

60% say they are getting there


37% say tools are to complex

57% say Lack of skilled personnel

45% say Over-Extended IT Personnel

Well you see where it's going and to get results we have to put in the resources and time to use the data to our advantages.

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