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  • Gary Matherne

How Accurate is your Inventory

65% of one retailer's inventory records are inaccurate.

In my experience most businesses really don't know if there inventory reports are correct. Without accurate data, your views into your business will be skewed and will just cost you money. The need for accuracy only gives you an edge on what your customers are purchasing and what you should keep on the shelves. The more complex your customers purchasing behavior gets the harder it becomes to track manually. The right inventory management Platform can gather data from all of your selling channels and give you meaningful reporting.

Inventory Management Tools and Techniques will provide you the reports you need to make meaningful ordering decisions. Its Imperative to remember that if you are doing the work to keep up your inventory in your Management system that you use the data available in your system to look at seasonal trends, Clearance Items, Fire Sale, Buy One Get One Free, and Turn your inventory.

In turn you will save time with Automation, Reduce your labor costs, increase profitability and your customers will love you.

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