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  • Gary Matherne

Kitchen Display Systems

I wanted to go over some points about Kitchen Display Systems or KDS for short. Printers have been around a long time and can do the job but a KDS system in your kitchen makes complete sense. We can go over some features of a KDS system and you can see how it can apply to your kitchen.


  • Easily assign items to a specific KDS

  • Item Claiming and Color Coding Identification

  • Color Coding Identification for Order Type

  • KDS Filter by Dining Option

  • Send New tickets on Send After the Order has been Reopened and Modified

  • Redo Expo Item Print and Allow Expo Done by Item

  • In Progress Mode - Allows Chef to select that item is fired. Then would tap again to complete order. This helps Expo see item is fired.

  • You can bump to each station. Useful where the order flows through the displays.

  • Production View - shows how many ordered items need to be fired. - Ex - chicken tenders you can see you need 20 down to complete all orders you have going at once.

  • Expedite - having the Expo KDS displaying all items sent to the kitchen

  • Time to complete order

  • Supports Prep Times

These are just a few key features on a KDS system. Look at your kitchen workflow and see how you can benefit from a KDS system.

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