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  • Gary Matherne

Loyalty Plant and how we implement a branded App

Branded Mobile Apps are definitely a way to promote your brand and not others. The big Differentiator would be offerings that are a comprehensive ecosystem of features to execute marketing and loyalty while fully integrated to your POS system. The key to implementing a Branded app is like everything else we discuss. Someone needs to direct traffic. So we have to have someone that will listen to our campaign flow so the programming can be done correctly. Every step of the flow will allow the end user a better experience. We partnered with Loyalty Plant to bring this assurance of implementing a branded app the way we would want our Customers apps built. We ensure a customer success Manager is appointed to your business, then with post launch support to ensure your ROI. Obviously between all of this there are roadmaps, research , Design, implementation, but the the first thing I challenge my clients would be to define the feature of the app.

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