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  • Gary Matherne

Marketing to your Customer Base

One thing I come across everyday are the way business owners try to market to their customer base. There are endless ways to do so but one is offering a discount for a product or service they offer. I am not saying that is a bad thing but I am wondering why the thought process is always a discount on what service or product you provide. If you have a regular customer that comes in every Tuesday for a sandwich why are you sending him coupons if you know he comes every Tuesday? People always reply because that keeps them coming back. Hmmm well no they like your service and product so they come back, not because you gave them 10% off.

So with that said lets think on how we can reward your customer base for continuing to do business with you and also point out when a customer looses interest in your business. Now that is the factor I like to focus on. When a customer looses interest and stops their repeat business we need to get them back in the door. Our service tracks the customers Visits, when, where, and what then we provide you with the data to send a way to win back the customer and get them back in the door.

The First step to market to your customers will be gathering the customer data. There are many ways to do so like filling out a form, Entering Customer info into an app, at the POS, or on your website. Lets start gathering that data and we can put a program together to gather data and market to your customers while maximizing your revenue.

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