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  • Gary Matherne

Matrix Inventory

Matrix Inventory allows you to add and manage product lists that consist of multiple similar items, like t-shirts, that are available in a variety of attributes, such as size or color. Each combination of attributes is a unique product with its own price or recipe.

One Inventory Challenge companies have is in demand products must be available when customers are ready to buy. Well needless to say that is probably the biggest challenge. So what can matrix inventory do to help you manage inventory and provide you the correct data points for reordering. By using Matrix inventory you reduce inventory Data entry, Labor, Increase accuracy, Streamline Sales Order Process, and Really be able to gain insight on what is selling.

Matrix inventory is not only used in retail but also in the Restaurant environment. For example if you are Selling soup by the Quart, pint, small, medium, or Large we can create a prep recipe that attaches to the product being sold and we you will be able to tell see the usage of each size, etc we are selling therefore we know how much to make each day.

By implementing Inventory Control at your Restaurant you will see an immediate 3 - 8% Decrease in Food Costs. By implementing Inventory Control at your retail location you will see a 10 - 12% Increase in your Gross Margin return on Investment. At the end of the day it will simplify your life and grow your business.

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