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  • Gary Matherne

Non Cash Adjustments

Non Cash Adjustment is a program that allows a merchant to discount a payment and gives your customer an incentive to pay with Cash. This is very similar to a Cash Discount program you are seeing in the marketplace. There are many factors to review about your business and your customers to see if this model is the right fit.

Cash Discount options keep coming up in the marketplace and the rules surrounding how to properly do Cash Discounting are not as streamlined as you would think. So please be aware of how you are presenting this to your customer and how your payment processor is handling the fees. Just think of the gas station example of displaying the Cash and Credit Price on the signage. Here are a few guidelines that you must know going into the program. It is not advised to go over a 4% discount. There must be the correct signage at the Register and also on the receipts.

With the program being used by more merchants it does add 3.5% - 4% more margin to the merchant but does it deter customers from returning to your business?

Neither this article nor the information, opinions, and ideas are considered legal advice.

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