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  • Gary Matherne

Online Ordering for QSR, Deli's, Grocery

Everyone has seen an online ordering application that your national Grocery store chains have implemented. Ordering online and picking up at the store is 

about providing faster service and convenience to the customer. I love ordering my deli meats and cheeses online and they are ready when I get there.

By adding a customized online ordering solution you are tapping into a new market. This means you will entice new customers that enjoy convenience and a speedy stop at the store. Now lets talk about the tech and programming behind this application that will drive revenue to your business. When we program your system you have 2 different custom menus. One being your in store menu or scanning system and the other a separate online menu. We do this because you only want select items online so you keep it simple to order. This type of programming is key to your online success. For a minimal cost per month you can enjoy a new revenue stream and new customer base coming to your store. Can't wait to show you the online solution.

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