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  • Gary Matherne

Ordering from your Car

I don't know if you have heard but you could make payments from your car. Car makers and merchants are trying to make it easier and safer for consumers to buy fuel, order meals, make a dinner reservation, pay for parking and tolls while sitting at the wheel.

GM launched a Marketplace that includes brands like Dunkin Dounuts, and Shell, ExxonMobil. Well GM isn't alone with Hyandai just announcing that development has started on an in car wallet that could be used for payments. The potential in this space is huge with anticipated payments over 4.2 Billion by 2022.

The tech around this involves an app embedded in the dash. There will be no payment info stored in the telematics or SIM card in the car. The car passes a token to the merchant. Well I'll keep this short and just say WOW this will really open the market for Loyalty and Notifications as you drive down the highway.

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