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  • Gary Matherne

Summer is Here and it is HOT

Summer is here and we have been able to bring some really cool features to our outdoor clients. Lets look at some of the scenarios and see if these applications can help drive additional sales to your venue. You may think of Pay at the table but we have kicked it up a notch to "Pay at the Beach .

Having a Mobile Order taker and how it connects to your POS System is key to having a successful outdoor mobile solution. There are a few networking solutions you can do to ensure connectivity and sending orders to the kitchen and bar. One is a Strong Outdoor WIFI Network and also a 3g or 4g option for out of range applications. One project that comes to mind is having multiple businesses on the beach and we sent orders to one kitchen on the east side of the property and then orders to the bar on the west side of the property. The Configuration of the order process was crucial in our set up and menu build but the idea boils down to mobile ordering and providing their customers an easy way to order. I am sure you have ordered on the beach but the process we have enabled speeds up that order process. The waiter or waitress doesn't have to go to the station and enter the order in then waits on the order. In our scenario the order is sent at the time you placed it with the waiter or waitress, saving at least 5-10 minutes from just walking back to the station. The worst thing we have seen in this scenario is your staff making more tips, which is a good thing.

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